Rick Angus


Rick Angus has been a certified personal trainer for over 10 years. Fitness has always been a top priority for Rick, a three-season collegiate athlete in football and track. After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2015, he quickly realized the immense benefits of combining his two greatest passions, fitness and behavior change. Rick began using the principles of behavior change in training his athletes and his hypothesis of his blended passions was confirmed by the results seen by his athletes.

A few years later, he learned that he was not the only one with this vision. After reaching out to TeamABA’s co-founder, Kirk Kirby, it was clear that they shared a very similar dream and both wanted to help others benefit the way their current clientele already had seen tremendous improvements. Rick’s goal with the CART is to reach as many people as possible to help them gain strength, confidence, knowledge, and belief in themselves in an effort to create a lasting change to create a healthier lifestyle.